Call for Papers

Paper format and style:

⦁    Abstract: An abstract of no more than 200 words should summarize the work in the beginning of the paper.
⦁    Full paper length should not exceeds 8 pages (including references and indices)
⦁    Short and reflection papers should not exceed 4 pages (including references and indices)
⦁    All studies and research papers in Arabic or English should follow American Society of Psychology (APA) format and style in its entirety including references (provided that Arab References come first followed by English ones).
For more information about APA style and format see

American Psychological Association (APA) Style

Submission requirements:
a.    The paradigm of the paper should be indicated in the header section
b.    A word document without any information about the authors or institutions should be sent- editable to reviewers.
c.    A Pdf document of the paper with the information of the authors and institutions.
d.    Other supplementary documents related to the study.

How to submit:
All the documents should be sent using this email: