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Regular registration fees are allocated and applied as follows
⦁ per one person (author, co-author, presenter or attendant)
⦁ presenting one paper, additional fee is applied for additional papers presented by the same author/presenter
⦁ the same fee is applied for attending for part or the whole period of the conference
⦁ conference registration fee excludes workshops and tutorials
⦁ workshops and tutorials registration fees excludes conference fee
Conference registration fee covers:
⦁ attending any sessions of the conference
⦁ coffee breaks
⦁ conference information package and a badge
⦁ Certificate
Tourism Tours and Sightseeing:
⦁ For participant and authors from outside Oman: The fees cover the guided tours inside/outside Muscat.
⦁ For Omanis, participant and authors from inside Oman: extra fees will be charged for tours.

⦁ Authors or presenters (From inside Oman) OMR 50
⦁ Authors or presenters (From abroad) OMR 100
⦁ Author (student): OMR25
⦁ Attending conference: OMR35
⦁ Attending conference (student): OMR20
⦁ Additional paper: OMR20
⦁ Workshops: OMR30
⦁ OSET members: OMR10

*Early bird registration (before 15/6/2017): OMR10 discount on any of above categories

*Special offers are available for groups of five or more. Please contact the OSET through the email

Cancellation and refund:
⦁ No refund will be given for authors/presenters cancelling after 15/9/2017.
⦁ Half-refund will be given after paper peer-reviewed process.
⦁ Full refund is given for cancelling taking place before 15/8/2017