Design paradigms
⦁ Modeling environments in education
⦁ Edutainment
⦁ Authoring technology: Tools and Content Development
⦁ Course Design and e-Learning Curricula
⦁ Human factors, ergonomics and Educational interfaces
⦁ Communication and Interactive Multimedia applications

Interaction paradigms
⦁ Ubiquitous computing in learning
⦁ Immersive and virtual Learning
⦁ Augmented Reality and Mobile augmented reality in Education
⦁ Simulation environment in education
⦁ Gamification
⦁ User experiences
⦁ Brain-computer interaction and interface

Intelligent paradigms
⦁ SMART Education (Smart/interactive boards, Tables and Classrooms)
⦁ Intelligent technology/systems in education
⦁ Intelligent Learning and Teaching Systems
⦁ Academic e-Advising systems
⦁ Data mining/management and application in technology
⦁ Cloud computing

Open paradigms
⦁ Web2 and semantic web models and applications in education
⦁ Web-based Learning, Wikis and Blogs
⦁ Social Media and Enhanced Learning
⦁ Internet of Things (IOT): Applications in education
⦁ BYOD (bring your own device) in education & learning)
⦁ Open Educational Resources and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)


Theory, Philosophy and Reflections

⦁ The future of Innovations Sustainable and Educational technology

⦁ Innovations in Educational technology
⦁ Educational Innovations: Theory and Practice
⦁ Evolution of innovations

⦁ Educational Technology: Creativity and Sustainability
⦁ Assuring Quality of E-learning and Open learning systems/courses
⦁ Educational technology and Educational institutions academic accreditation

⦁ Economical ICT models for education and training
⦁ Educational technology and economical value
⦁ Intellectual property in educational technology environments

⦁ Community building and social organizations
⦁ Educational technology role in promoting multi-culturalism and internationalization
⦁ Ethical issues in application and use

⦁ Psychology of creativity and innovation


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